Radiant Healthier Looking Skin in Just Seconds a Day!
The Revolutionary Way to DEEP CLEAN Your Face!
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Scientifically Tested Clinically Proven!
*study group consisted of 20 participants.
Improved Skin Texture
Smaller Pore Size

After 4 weeks of using the Wonder Sonic twice a day 75% of participants* experienced a visible reduction in pore size and an improvement in skin texture.  Overall, participants felt 

that their skin was cleaner with a reduction of bacteria in 

the pores.

In fact, 95% of the study group reported positive changes in their skin by using just Wonder Sonic and water.

Chemical Free, Ultrasonic Face Cleansing &Toning!
Spray on water and let the Wonder Sonic do the work – breaking up dirt, oil, makeup, blackheads, dead skin cells and more. 

The Wonder Sonic paddle safely pulses at an amazing 30,000 times per second, atomizing the water. In the cleaning mode, as the skin cells vibrate, the tissue and pores become softened, extracting environmental toxins, oil and makeup.

In toning mode, the Wonder Sonic sends slower deeper sonic pulses right into your skin. Helping to give you a more toned complexion. The Wonder Sonic truly gives you 100% chemical free way to deep clean and tone your face!
How Wonder Sonic Works !
Ultra Sonic Facials have been used by celebrities and the wealthy for years. Exclusive luxury spas use high-tech ultra sonic machines to offer these effective treatments.
Wonder Sonic has taken this same technology and ingeniously miniaturized the sonic Generator to fit right into the palm of your hand! 

Similar technology to the ultrasonic machines used in Spas! 
"I think it’s really cool! I just clean my face with water and ultrasonic cleaning! I can see it with my own eyes how much came off my face! I’ve been washing my face for a very long time and I’ve never seen anything like this."
"The feeling with this makes it feel really smooth.. I feel like it’s like deep cleaning! I can’t believe how much dirt is pulled out of my face!"
"The extra dirt It took off was amazing and the next day people noticed that my skin looked better (brilliant)! Since then I have used it almost every day and I notice more of a difference each time."
Smart Design for Ease of Use
Removes Dead Skin Cells & Debris
Just spray your face with water & scrape gently with Wonder Sonic®.  
Wipe clean when you are done.  
It's that Easy!

Save Money 
No Chemicals 
 Wonder Sonic® works with just water. You will save hundreds of dollars on facial cleansers.
Ergonimically Designed
Wonder Sonic® is Ergonomically designed for ease of use to get into all the creases of your skin and awkward places while also fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand
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Only £149.99
+ £5.99 P&P